Servers and services management

Security problems are most of the time caused by vulnerability issues present in the software or by its incorrect or incomplete configurations. Because of the increasing emergence of new vulnerabilities in the services used by the client's systems, their continuous upgrade is necessary.

The potential risk of an attack of an Internet-visible system is significant. The consequences of such an attack can vary from unlimited access to the flow of email messages, to unrestricted access to any file or document on the network, to the discovery of access passwords for different services and applications, or to the altering or destruction, by accident or deliberately, of the stored data.

Naturally, the costs implied by the solving of the consequences of such an attack are significant, namely a few times greater than those required to keep up-to-date the server systems.

We have the experience and the knowledge required to provide for our clients customized solutions designed to prevent or solve this kind of problems, but also to increase the efficiency and the availability of the service and to reduce the costs involved.

An important component of the solutions offered to our clients are the server and services management packages:

  • server installation and configuration: the installation and reinstallation of server systems, such as Linux, BSD, Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, *ix, according to the client's needs.
  • server optimization: the poor performance of server systems can be corrected by an optimization process. This addresses to already installed applications and servers, but whose configurations no longer match the present needs.
  • server management: we offer complete services and solutions for the management of Linux, BSD, Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, and *ix servers.
  • server monitoring: the service includes several points of monitoring – situated on different service providers, in order to ensure the relevance of the results -, the permanent monitoring of services, at 5-minute intervals, email alerts in case the service is unavailable, reports in case delayed answers or poor performance are detected.
  • server virtualization.

In addition to the above-mentioned facilities, we provide Internet domain management, internal IP classes management, management of the routing policies and solutions, on-site hardware services for the server systems, remote backup, VPN.

Systems maintenance

From 1 to 15 systems

Designed for the small-sized networks, owning between 1 and 15 active systems and equipments. The package includes basic services, needed by the maintenance and the service of the systems and equipment.

IT Outsourcing

From 16 to 50 systems

Designed for the medium-sized networks, owning between 16 and 50 systems and equipments. The services included in the package cover the maintenance and the service of the systems, the network and equipment management as well as telecommunications services.

Services outsourcing

More than 50 systems

Designed for the large networks, containing more than 50 active systems and equipments. The services included in the pack cover all the aspects demanded by the operation of the systems, the equipment, the servers, the local or remote services, the voice and IP systems, the backup and replication, infrastructure and security services, the access control and CCTV.