Service for systems and equipment

The proper operation  of the equipment, systems and servers is important for the activity of our clients. Every idle hour means loss of productivity, sales or customers.

In order to eliminate idle time caused by the failure of components and in addition to our system maintenance/ servers and services/  network management services, we offer our clients service for their systems and equipment.

The labor for the systems and equipment included in the monthly maintenance subscription  is free. Regardless of the nature of the problem encountered, if it cannot be solved in a fair amount of time at the client's headquarters, it will be brought in our backoffice service department.

Our service facilities provide:

  • diagnosis and isolation
  • installation/removal of software and applications
  • data recovery and restoration
  • data and configuration migration
  • hardware service
  • stability and endurance tests.

In addition to that, Computer Expert can supply the clients with temporary replacement of the equipment during the service and repairs.

Systems maintenance

From 1 to 15 systems

Designed for the small-sized networks, owning between 1 and 15 active systems and equipments. The package includes basic services, needed by the maintenance and the service of the systems and equipment.

IT Outsourcing

From 16 to 50 systems

Designed for the medium-sized networks, owning between 16 and 50 systems and equipments. The services included in the package cover the maintenance and the service of the systems, the network and equipment management as well as telecommunications services.

Services outsourcing

More than 50 systems

Designed for the large networks, containing more than 50 active systems and equipments. The services included in the pack cover all the aspects demanded by the operation of the systems, the equipment, the servers, the local or remote services, the voice and IP systems, the backup and replication, infrastructure and security services, the access control and CCTV.