IT audit and consultancy

One of our domains of expertise is the delivery of IT consultancy services aimed at identifying the most suitable solutions and strategies of exploitation of the existent IT infrastructure of a company, in order to optimize its activity.

We are qualified to offer consultancy and solutions for problems related to the IT domain, ranging from the basic system configuration, to the development and management of the computer networks and servers and to the implementation of complete solutions according to the business requirements of the client.

The IT consultancy we provide to our clients is permanent throughout the whole contract period and can include recommendations and solutions for the proper sizing and usage of the software and hardware infrastructure, with the purpose of obtaining constant performance.

The collaboration with our client begins with an extensive IT infrastructure audit, following which we offer consultancy and the implementation of the advised services and solutions.

Systems maintenance

From 1 to 15 systems

Designed for the small-sized networks, owning between 1 and 15 active systems and equipments. The package includes basic services, needed by the maintenance and the service of the systems and equipment.

IT Outsourcing

From 16 to 50 systems

Designed for the medium-sized networks, owning between 16 and 50 systems and equipments. The services included in the package cover the maintenance and the service of the systems, the network and equipment management as well as telecommunications services.

Services outsourcing

More than 50 systems

Designed for the large networks, containing more than 50 active systems and equipments. The services included in the pack cover all the aspects demanded by the operation of the systems, the equipment, the servers, the local or remote services, the voice and IP systems, the backup and replication, infrastructure and security services, the access control and CCTV.